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Newtropin is the premier physician-based, patient centered wellness solutions provider. Nearly a decade ago, our company formed as a nutraceutical sales firm. Since then, we have evolved into a comprehensive wellness solutions referral network, adding high quality pharmacy marketing services and private label supplement consultation to our list of specialties.

With the ability to tap into an established ecosystem of registered physicians, pharmacies look to us for industry-proven best marketing practices to promote name recognition, niche products, and bottom line success. For physicians, or their authorized designee, free registration with our site network provides numerous benefits. Primarily, access to our carefully researched in-house anti-aging, overall health, and weight loss supplements. Such products are designed to potentially amplify existing patient treatments. Additionally, validated private label referral services that can allow physicians to repackage our in-house nutraceutical blends, or offer start-to-finish guidance on custom formulations.

We aim to be the one stop shop for reliable physician-based pharmacy and nutraceutical information transfer. Physicians and pharmacies alike have applauded our ability to procure meaningful professional, product, and service connections. Often times, our contacts have resulted in bolstered patient health outcomes through access to niche pharmaceuticals, or practice expansion via supplement re-sale models.

Newtropin encourages lawfully operating pharmacies and licensed healthcare providers to join our anti-aging, overall health, and weight loss revolution.

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