Central Fill

Filling and dispensing drugs to patients is the lifeblood of pharmaceutical operations. Newtropin is proud to be a pivotal player in 21st century pharmacy and well-integrated in the Central Fill network. Central Fill is pharmaceutical-leading automation and systems technology that allows compounding and retail pharmacies alike to fulfill scripts without the costs of traditional infrastructure, inventory, & staffing.

How it works?

The individual filling and dispensing of drugs are now seamlessly outsourced to larger Central Fill facilities, all you need is a licensed pharmacist. Central Fill allows multiple healthcare providers to effortlessly integrate their workflows, expands access to a more robust distribution network of pharmacies and supplies, and the reduced overhead is passed on to the patient in prescription savings. Most pharmacies are unable to build their own central fill facilities and a partnership with Newtropin allows access to multiple central fill services.

Healthcare professionals are swiftly understanding that employment of Central Fill is a gateway to reduced liability exposure, accurate & reliable fulfillment, and implementation of additional revenue streams. Put simply, central fill allows physicians and pharmacists to focus more on patient-specific outcomes and bottom-line growth.