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We aren’t licensed physicians, pharmacists, or traditional, big pharma representatives, rather expert marketers. Newtropin doesn’t directly distribute, manufacture, store, or sell any pharmaceuticals or related products, or collect | store any confidential, privileged patient-specific information. We never directly intercede confidential pharmacy | physician communications. All payments for prescription product orders are paid directly to the pharmacy. When appropriate and lawful, our associates may intercede the relationship between pharmacy and physician, on a limited and non-medical basis, to procure competitive pricing and delivery options on the client’s behalf.

Newtropin operates in full compliance of all federal, state, and local law related to practicing pharma marketing, all while holding our personal conduct to the highest ethical standards. We continually educate on the most recent iterations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the Prescription Drug Marketing Act, US FDA regulations, anti-kickback statutes, compound and controlled substance regulations, and PHARMA best practices.

For pharmacies: Newtropin requires that all pharmacies active in our referral network provide verification of current licensing, including valid sterile | non-sterile preparation compliance, CGMP and USP certifications (as required), and copies of DEA, FDA, and state boards of pharmacy registration status (as required), e.g., 503A or 503B. For any questions relating to getting started with our pharmacy marketing services, including a free service quote, please contact our customer support line at (866) 206-1806.

For physicians: Newtropin requires that all physicians register through our site to participate in our pharmacy referral network. All healthcare professional registrants must be currently and lawfully licensed in their current jurisdiction, with proof of valid prescribing rights. As a condition to register with our service, healthcare professionals must be willing to provide appropriate DEA and medical license numbers, as required. If you plan for a designee from your practice to interact with your account, please, contact our customer support line at (866) 206-1806 for authorization.

By registering with our service, physicians acknowledge the potential receipt of marketing materials, sometimes personalized, including, but not limited to, direct mail (only business addresses are used), product literature (digital and in-print), e-mail campaigns, social media links, and telephonic correspondence, such as text messages (only business numbers are used). We always attempt to incorporate opt-out features on all of our marketing. Message and data rates may apply. If you wish to alter your marketing preferences, or unregister at any time, please contact our customer support line at (866) 206-1806. We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, lease or give away any of your personal information (name, address, email, practice information, telephone number, etc.) to any third party.

Our service to the physician doesn’t simply end after order placement- we will research and propose products and service lines that could complement existing patient treatment protocols, or offer new and fresh revenue expansion models that may perhaps bolster the awareness and visibility of your current practice.