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Newtropin is the physician-based industry leader in comprehensive, high quality nutraceutical services, all priced competitively. Our philosophy guides Newtropin’s operational foundation: physicians hold the knowledge and practical experience to affect positive health outcomes, therefore, our nutraceuticals are sold only to licensed medical professionals, or their authorized designee.

Registered users are able to view and purchase our in-house nutraceutical products via our safe, secure online store. Additionally, patrons may speak to a customer service representative to learn more about our nutraceutical-specific private labeling services, including private label of our in-house products, or customized supplement formulations. Although we encourage clients to utilize our convenient online cart and checkout for nutraceutical orders, all billing, fulfillment, private label, shipping, and quality inquiries should be directed to our customer support line at (866) 206-1806.

Our nutraceutical products are categorized based on their potential health outcomes, anti-aging, overall health, and weight loss, respectively. Incorporation of nutraceuticals into one’s daily regimen is always a decision that should be guided by a licensed healthcare provider. We never advise our physician clients to manipulate existing medications or therapies, but, rather, to attempt to integrate our products for protocol amplification. Newtropin doesn’t claim to provide any cures for health ailments, rather remains steadfast in promotion of individual wellness goals.


(1) None of our site statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products aren’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
(2) Newtropin doesn’t engage in the direct manufacture of any nutraceutical products. We participate in the marketing and re-sale of nutraceutical products sold to us by external vendors. We don’t make any claims of product efficacy, outcome, quality, or safety. Any and all nutraceutical product use is at the user’s own risk.