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Private Labeling

Private labeling (in-house products). Newtropin is able to offer reputable, unmatched private labeling referral services for all of our in-house anti-aging, overall health, and weight loss nutraceuticals. We recognize that many of our physician clients consider Newtropin nutraceuticals as part of nearly every patient treatment protocol. We appreciate that!

However, we do understand that sometimes you want to impart a piece of your own practice within our products. This service allows healthcare providers to directly tap into our nutraceutical supply chain and sell established Newtropin in-house formulations, available under your own brand name and label. From artwork to fulfillment, and any decisions in between, our experienced staff can assist you in the re-sale of quality, custom branded Newtropin nutraceuticals in a relatively short period of time.

Private labeling (custom formulations). The thing we appreciate most about our physician clients is their innovation. Although we are proud to offer a diverse array of existing anti-aging, overall health, and weight loss supplement formulations, the sky is the limit to propose, and actuate custom nutraceutical blends. Our experienced team provides broad consultation on concept-to-market private labeling supplement solutions. From answering ‘Can it be done?’ to ‘How much will it cost?’ our expert team can support your practice’s entry into the potentially lucrative supplements market.

Customized Marketing & Research. One of our newest service offerings is Ph.D. level customized marketing and research. You’ll have to take our word on this, but having customized literature reviews and empirical findings can go a long way to promote patient comfort and supplement credibility. For a nominal fee, the client can opt to purchase a tailored marketing portfolio for your “new” supplement line(s), including empirically-supported write-ups and professionally crafted waiting room literature.

To learn more about Newtropin’s private labeling or research services, please, call (866) 206-1806.


(1) Private labeling referral service.
(2) As an intermediary, or private labeling broker, Newtropin doesn’t engage in the direct manufacture of any nutraceutical products. We don’t make any claims of product efficacy, outcome, quality, or safety. Any and all nutraceutical product use is at the user’s own risk.