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Connecting Pharmacies is Our Speciality

Newtropin is best known as the benchmark in the nutraceutical services domain. However, many of our clients are surprised to learn we concurrently offer a full range of marketing services as a pharmacy liaison, or referral service. Our goal as your pharmacy liaison is simple: connect licensed healthcare professionals with competitively priced, high-quality conventional and compound pharmaceuticals that can positively affect patient health outcomes.

We listen to pharmacy pain points and develop marketing solutions that potentially support improved name recognition and bottom line growth. Similarly, we engage detailed needs assessments with licensed physicians and are able to direct them to pharmacies that offer the anti-aging, overall health, or weight-loss products that best meet patient needs.


Newtropin is able to leverage nearly a decade of strong physician connections and reputation built upon nutraceutical-based experiences and travels. Although we never make any guarantees, it’s rare for our calls to go unanswered or our e-mails unreturned.

The key to marketing success is evolving alongside a landscape defined by new technologies. While we embrace traditional in-person prospect encounters, phone conversations, and direct mail when appropriate, success relies on our ability to simultaneously employ digital product lists, online marketing, 24/7 live answering services, mobile app advertising, and social media campaigns. Our pharmacy marketing packages are flat fee, never commission-based, and available for fixed time frames that best meet client needs. Registered, licensed healthcare professionals that choose to participate in our pharmacy referral service are able to do so free of charge and product lists are swiftly available upon request.

To learn more about Newtropin’s private labeling or research services call (866) 206-1806.

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