State Licensing

State licensure is critically important and mandatory for both intrastate and interstate pharmaceutical drugs distribution. Each state has different applications, processes, requirements, and fees to obtain a license for lawful distribution. Noncompliance and lack of precision or oversight can lead to fines, imprisonment, facility closures, and loss of professional licensure. It is not an area that you want to cut any corners. There are regulations regarding what compounds can be distributed and the modalities of patient pickup that can differ by state. Newtropin offers over two decades experience in state licensing in paid consulting services to assist your pharmacy navigate the licensure process, rules, regulations, and requirements in various states. The larger you grow your potential distribution network, the more opportunity available to expand new revenue streams. Newtropin offers objective advice and solutions to build a sustainable business and distribution model that works for you. Newtropin is not an attorney or engaging in the unlicensed practice of law; we provide educational services only.